The changing face of future motorcycle events

By: Malcolm Lee MotorCycle Direct Posted: July 23rd, 2020

During the height of the pandemic, motorcycle events, like rock concerts and sporting matches, vanished overnight. While lockdown measures may ease, some American scientists speculate that the fallout from the COVID–19 virus may become an issue for the next year or more.

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The Ongoing Effect of the Coronavirus on the Motorcycle Industry

By: Malcolm Lee MotorCycle Direct Posted: June 23rd, 2020

Due to COVID–19, all sectors of global manufacturing are suffering. What impact, though, is the ongoing pandemic having on already beleaguered motorcycle manufacturers? Also, what strategies have they implemented in response?

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How Covid–19 will Affect Motorcycle Riding

By: Malcolm Lee MotorCycle Direct Posted:May 26th, 2020

COVID–19 has had a huge impact on our daily lives. The virus has quite literally shaken the world to its core, affecting travel not only for work purposes but for leisure time too.

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What are the Most Popular Motorcycles in the UK?

By: Malcolm Lee MotorCycle Direct Posted: April 29th, 2020

Motorcycles have come a long way since being the post–war, man in the street's mode of transport. Let's take a look at the most popular motorcycles in the UK today.

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Remembrance Day: Motorcycles in the Great War

By: Steve MotorCycle Direct Posted: November 9th, 2018

This week sees the 100th anniversary of the end of the First World War. So, for this week's blog we take a look back at the role motorcycles played in the conflict

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Motorcycle Live 2018

By: Steve MotorCycle Direct Posted: October 24th, 2018

The UK's largest motorcycle show returns to the NEC next month from the 17 – 25 November

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What to do if your bike is stolen

By: Steve MotorCycle Direct Posted: October 17th, 2018

If your bike is stolen, it is important you know what do in order to make the process as smooth and stress free as possible.

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Theft Awareness Groups springing up nationwide

By: Steve MotorCycle Direct Posted: October 10th, 2018

We look at how Avon and Somerset police are attempting to combat the massive rise in bike crime in Bristol and surrounding areas.

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The top ten things bikers wish that car drivers knew

By: Steve MotorCycle Direct Posted: October 3rd, 2018

For this week's blog, we asked the bikers in our business what they wish other road users knew about the reality of being a biker on UK roads.

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The Ace Café is 80

By: Tony Carter MotorCycle Direct Posted: September 27th, 2018

September 2018 saw the iconic Ace Café celebrate its 80th anniversary.

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Sort your Security – Part 2

By: Steve MotorCycle Direct Posted: September 6th, 2018

We recently looked at ways you can protect and secure your motorbike when it's parked up at home. But what about when you're out and about?

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